You have meticulously planned every detail of your perfect wedding. The itinerary is set and you’ve triple checked your vendor bookings – just to be safe.
Suddenly, it dawns on you there is an entire list of details that need to be attended to throughout the day and you are going to be busy – too busy to run to the hall and check the DJ setup or discover a missing chair at Table 22…
The Wedding Day Coordination Package is informally known as the “Peace of Mind Package.” Beginning 4 to 6 weeks prior to your wedding date, your professional Wedding Planner will oversee all the details on your behalf allowing you to feel confident your wedding is in good hands while you focus on being the fabulous, joyful and fully relaxed couple you are.
From vendor deliveries and setup logistics, to music cues and the discrete handling of unforeseen situations, your Wedding Planner will be working behind the scenes ensuring that your wedding day vision is flawlessly executed.
The Wedding Day Coordination Package includes:
  • A complimentary consultation meeting (by phone or in person)
  • One meeting 4-6 weeks prior to the wedding date
  • One meeting 2 weeks prior to the wedding date
  • Assistance with the development of your wedding day itinerary
  • Assistance with confirmations of your vendor bookings
  • Careful review of the reception floor plan and table arrangements
  • Development of your vendor contact list
  • Attendance and assistance throughout your ceremony rehearsal
  • Management of all wedding day logistics and décor
  • Collection and transportation of ceremony items to the reception location
  • Full coordination on the wedding day (schedule management, music cues, guest services, vendor assistance, discrete management of unanticipated situations, etc.)
  • Collection and safe storage of items belonging to the couple